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    Steps for Change

    Stuart Weitzman Partners with
    Vital Voices to Provide COVID-19 Relief
    Stuart Weitzman Partners
    with Vital Voices to
    Provide COVID-19 Relief

    How we are supporting organizations in North America and Italy
    through the Voices of Resilience Initiative during the global crisis
    How we are supporting organizations
    in North America and Italy through
    the Voices of Resilience Initiative
    during the global crisis


    The Next Step in
    the Stuart Weitzman x Vital Voices Partnership

    Stuart Weitzman is kicking off its philanthropic partnership with Vital Voices, which was announced earlier this year, to provide support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vital Voices Global Partnership is an international nonprofit dedicated to investing in women leaders who drive global change, and the partnership resonates with our commitment to celebrating Strength in Femininity: We believe in the power and strength of women to lift up their communities especially in times of uncertainty — a notion that has never been more important than it is now.

    Along with Vital Voices' newly launched Voices of Resilience Initiative, which aims to build community during times of crisis, Stuart Weitzman — through the Coach Foundation — has committed financial resources to organizations supporting vulnerable communities placed in even more danger in this time of COVID-19.

    The Leaders and Their Organizations

    With that, Stuart Weitzman is proud to stand with Leah Lizarondo of 412 Food Rescue as well as Rete Dafne (Daphne Network) who are stepping up to address the critical needs of their communities in North America and Italy.

    Leah Lizarondo of 412 Food Rescue

    Leah Lizarondo of
    412 Food Rescue

    Stuart Weitzman’s financial contributions through the Coach Foundation will go towards supporting Leah Lizarondo, pictured above, Co-Founder and CEO of 412 Food Rescue. The food recovery organization, which operates in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Northern Virginia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver, aims to end hunger and reduce environmental damage caused by food waste. As food insecurity rises to unprecedented levels due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Leah is working to make 412 Food Rescue’s mobile app, Food Rescue Hero, free of charge for cities and nonprofits to distribute excess food from retailers to charities and households in need. Through its app, the organization is able to engage communities, which includes thousands of volunteer drivers — the largest on-demand driver fleet in the world — to do their part to provide food support to even the most isolated and vulnerable.

    Rete Dafne

    Similarly, support from the Stuart Weitzman x Vital Voices partnership will go towards Rete Dafne. The Italy-based nonprofit provides free services and assistance, which range from relocation services to safe housing, for victims of crimes. In light of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home orders issued by the government, vulnerable populations like women and children run a higher risk of being exposed to crimes usually committed in homes. By collaborating with judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and the social and health services systems, Rete Dafne is able to provide remote support, including legal counseling and guidance on where to seek immediate help, to those in need.

    Now, more than ever, it is essential that we stand together as a global community. Stuart Weitzman, through the Coach Foundation, is honored to partner with Vital Voices to support 412 Food Rescue and Rete Dafne on the frontline of societal change during this global crisis.

    Photo Credits:

    Courtesy of 412 Food Rescue and Rete Dafne

    Courtesy of 412 Food Rescue
    and Rete Dafne

    Listen Up: The Voices
    of Resilience Podcast

    A series from Vital Voices featuring women
    leaders creating change around the world

    Check it out

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