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    Fall 2019 Campaign

    SW Boot Camp Dancer Morgan Wright on Her Dance Destiny SW Boot Camp
    Dancer Morgan Wright
    on Her Dance Destiny

    Discover how her passion was ignited
    and get inspired to embrace your inner dancer
    Discover how her passion was
    ignited and get inspired to embrace
    your inner dancer


    Professional dancer Morgan Wright, who stars alongside Kendall Jenner in our Fall 2019 dance-centric campaign SW BOOT CAMP, always knew she was destined to become a dancer. After all, it’s in her blood.

    Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wright took her first dance class at 18 months old as part of a Mommy-and-Me program, and immediately, she was hooked. She loved to move and shake with her mom, who was a dancer, acrobat and contortionist and performed in the infamous Les Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Resort & Casino while Wright was growing up. Following in her footsteps was only natural.

    “Dance is in my genetic makeup,” Wright tells SW SPOTLIGHT. “I can remember feeling so shy and awkward in school as a kid, but as soon as I got home I was bouncing off the walls, making up fully-costumed shows with choreography for my mom to watch in our living room. I was absolutely obsessed.”

    Soon enough, she followed in her mother’s footsteps, refining her flexibility and acrobatic abilities — both of which she is known for today. Her obsession led her to Los Angeles, where she started working as a professional dancer. In 2018, “things started clicking for me,” she says, after she danced for Usher at the Special Olympics in Chicago.

    In the months that followed, she appeared in music videos for Ariana Grande, worked with artists like Kanye West, Demi Lovato and Kendrick Lamar and collaborated with companies like Lancôme and Microsoft.

    Joining the Stuart Weitzman Fall 2019 Campaign as a featured dancer — and working with choreographer Danielle Polanco, supermodel Kendall Jenner, Memphis jookin dancer Lil Buck and fellow dancer Nastasya Generalova — "was another dream come true,” says Wright.

    “I absolutely love seeing fashion campaigns utilize dancers and movement,” says Wright. “Plus, I felt very comfortable and secure dancing in all of the boots we wore, like the 5050. The suede thigh-high LESLEY boots were my favorite. They give such a flattering, sleek leg-line, and never slipped down or slouched.”

    Now that the campaign has garnered millions of views around the world, she hopes it inspires women to embrace their inner dancer, too.

    “Anyone can dance,” says Wright. “My best advice is to not overthink it. My favorite time to dance is when I’m cleaning my apartment with music on, no cameras, hair messy and no makeup. It sounds silly but that alone has made me so much more comfortable with myself and my dancing.”

    “Keep an open mind and don’t be so hard on yourself,” she adds. “Get rid of any preconceived rights and wrongs, put on your favorite music and live your best life.”

    Photo Credits:

    Photographer: Jesse Heath
    Creative Director and Stylist: Nikki Grattan
    Hair: Lauren Bates
    Makeup: Olga Pirmatova

    Campaign Videos
    Director: Charlotte Wales
    Choreographer: Danielle Polanco
    Stylist: Clare Richardson

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